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What Is RSS?

RSSRSS is a standard format used to share content on the Internet and receive updates from your favorite websites without having to visit each site. Use an RSS reader to scan headlines and click the link if you are interested in reading more. And you'll always have the latest information because your RSS reader automatically retrieves the RSS feeds.

How to get started

Simply select the RSS feed below that you want delivered to your desktop and enter that URL into your RSS reader to start receiving the the latest NBA updates to your desktop.


Latest NLL scores:


Why use the NLL RSS feed?

As you all know, we're having major bandwidth-issues lately. If you are one of the heavy users who comes to the site multiple times a day, just to check for the latest scores, using the RSS feed instead will help us greatly.

And it will help you too, as you are automatically notified of new results.

Setting your reader to hourly check the feed will generate approximately as much traffic as two hits to the NLL front-page (without the images).


If you only visit the site once a day it is probably not worth the trouble. But if you sit in front of the PC for a long time each day (at work maybe), a RSS reader might be pretty neat for you.

RSS Readers:

There are a lot of other Readers out there I haven't tried yet. Just look around.

Other RSS Feeds:




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