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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

[edited by jmac] - send your rumor

Indiana Pacers Newcomers Simmons and allstar Thomas are working "very hard" for an exciting debut next week
New York Knicks The Beard and the Prince to return next week
Utah Jazz
Patty Mills close to packing his bags?
Charlotte Hornets Hornet's medical doctors continue cultivating ground breaking tissue regenerating bacteria.  "They they it's a solid young team now, wait until we unleash a healthy and confident Harry Giles on the league"
Philadelphia 76ers Barea, Markieff Morris, Holmes, Gobert, Leonard all could be on the shelf for Week 11. FML. 
Boston Celtics After the longest period of time, ever, NLL is back!
Chicago Bulls The real Stephen Curry forced to take a restraining order out against Dazman, citing 'the dude it just obsessed, man'.
Phoenix Suns Pondexter on his way out of Phoenix for a package of picks and players?
Minnesota Timberwolves 'The statistics of players on bad teams means very little, it's like, if your teammates are substandard, of course there are more for the taking. But we don't need to worry about that in Minnesota, because since the spud was farmed, we're really, really good. Our statistics are gold.' - Minnesota GM Joshua
Washington Wizards Robin Lopez averaging 29 points, 14.5 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks in week 10 as he raises his trade value, but is he worth Kawhi Leonard?
Detroit Pistons "Jabari could play now" despite hearing this, Pistons training staff plan to stick to original time frame of a February return.
Boston Celtics After only minutes on the market, Boston already receiving offers for Dwight Powell
LA Clippers Sources say the Clippers are looking to trade players and picks for Bitcoin - 'we have so much talent as it is, we are set - we may as well diversify away from basketball' - Clippers GM Andrew
Golden State Warriors After some huge wins over quality teams, mailo admits that starting five small forwards for the first two months 'may have been part of the issue' with all those losses
Brooklyn Nets Danilo Gallinari reportedly looking at getting a gluteus transplant from a power lifter, aiming to maximus his chances of playing this season
Cleveland Cavaliers 'Pau and Wade are old enough to be Drummond's father... If I wanted to work with Dinosaurs I'd have become a paleontologist' - Cavs GM pistolpk
Denver Nuggets 'I can't believe this sh*t, it just doesn't make sense... some GMs just don't know what's good for them' - GM Rootsey after Cleveland rebuffed Wade, Gasol and Troy Williams for Andre Drummond.
Portland Trail Blazers Rudy Gay could be on they way out...last chance
Sacramento Kings #ALLINORBUST
Philadelphia 76ers Barton and Brook packing? Heading West?
Detroit Pistons
Ben Simmons now the 2nd best ranked PG in the league... And he doesn't even have a jumpshot! Imagine if he could shoot it like Kuzma!?
Boston Celtics Boston fans left in a state of disarray and hysteria following the latest trade debacle: 'We don't lose trades, what is this bullsh*t? We blame the league. We need to blame someone. At least we kept Durant.'
Miami Heat 'We are very excited about the deal. It was like taking candy from a baby - A big, trade addict baby' - Miami Heat GM breece
Denver Nuggets Denver hopes a team with injuries maximises 2k wonkiness and gets them to playoff contention by end of the week.
LA Lakers Lakers coaching staff available for team-analysis, line-ups, playbook tips etc for a small fee..."We will evaluate your current setup and help you optimise your talent"
Utah Jazz Woj: Teams calling about 3pt threat and defense savant Trevor Ariza. Source in the organization says the teams is listening...
Dallas Mavericks TJ going cheap....infact, Mavs decide on a mass fire sale just to get some trades in.
Detroit Pistons David Nwaba guarenteed, Pistons hope not to get priced out in the RFA market and want to lock him into a multi year deal
Houston Rockets Rockets still interested in Patty Mills
Atlanta Hawks
Trade rumors swirling. Hawks ready to unload Fultz for a mega haul?
Philadelphia 76ers According to sources in PHI, 'many people prefer Tusk.'
Dallas Mavericks Mavericks aiming to start five 7-footers by seasons end
New York Knicks One of Irving or Harden being moved for a massive return in an attempt to balance the team?
Orlando Magic Val on the move to a team out West?
Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder thinking trade? Is it time to cut the roster down to only 15 already?
Portland Trail Blazers Rudy Gay on the shelf due to working too hard; 'Get me some help, or get me out of here', demands Gay to GM
Detroit Pistons Laddas taken to hospital suffering from a priaprism after Simmons' demolition of LAL; 'Swell game', groaned the GM
Memphis Grizzlies Memphis apparently refuted a trade offer of Joel Embiid for Papagiannis
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans are hoping that late 2nd rounders are the new Bitcoin
Washington Wizards And the fans don't care that it was 76ers bench team; 'we need this'
Washington Wizards Washington theatres to have daily showings of the Wizards win over Philadelphia for the rest of the season
Milwaukee Bucks Bucks actually trade a first away, fanbase left in shock
San Antonio Spurs Spurs do the Smart thing, push all in for the title defence
Cleveland Cavaliers 'I think we are the best team in the league', says GM pistol
Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder ready to start thinking about being ready to trade
Charlotte Hornets Thanks to the Unicorn, Charlotte are now into hoarding wins as well
Indiana Pacers Harris wasn't going, then he was, then he wasn't, now he has
Sacramento Kings Netflix green lights "Bobanator III: Fall of the sliders"
Boston Celtics Favors on the move? Or is it a guard?

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01/10 11:09 pm
geez your a shit stirrer, I like it.
01/09 08:13 pm
Hahahaha! Nice touch to the rumor jmac :D
01/09 08:03 pm
lmfao @ Miami
01/08 10:08 am
lol, creating controversy.
01/08 06:58 am




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